It's Time!

Come live outside of the dregs of depression, the reactive flares of emotion, and the buzzing brain of anxiety. Maybe you are constantly starting the next episode of a Netflix show you weren't enthralled with until you’ve finished an entire season. Stop fighting the same fights with your loved ones, and stop beating yourself up about not measuring up.

Gaining insight into yourself, the way you treat people, and the things that set you off can significantly help you reach a higher state of living. Therapy teaches the skills to be self-reflective, focused, and live with intentionality. 

Therapy is the self-improvement that makes the deepest impact because it is co-created in relationship, which is shown to have stronger effects than simply reading a book about improvement. Start something new that will be the positive change you've been seeking. 

If you're looking at this website you have probably come to learn a little bit more about the person to whom you have been referred. That’s good. Looking into who I am will give you a better idea of whether or not I am someone you'll work well with. This website is devoted to communicating who I am and the kind of therapeutic relationship you can anticipate when you come to see me.

For more information about me, see this page.