Clinical Experience

  • Psychological Care & Healing Center: Treating Psychologist

    I treat individuals with severe mental illness, including individuals who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, schizoaffective, bipolar, etc. My role is providing Understanding Mental Health, Emotional Regulation, Cognitive Rehab, Cinematherapy, and Process groups. I also provide three-days-a-week individual therapy, in addition to providing input for the clinical team meetings.
  • Crestview Preparatory School: Psychological Consultant

    I created an emotional wellness program, the Optimal Learning Environment (OLE). The OLE program works with administration, teachers, students, and parents to educate and promote self-awareness, emotional resilience, and interpersonal flexibility. I teach students the concepts. I consult with teachers to permeate these concepts in the narratives in the students' current curriculum. I provide workshops for parents to utilize the same emotional reflection techniques and language at home. I also meet with administrators to organize trainings and workshops for teachers and parents, in an effort to reinforce the collaboration of guiding the school's culture to embrace emotional wellbeing.
  • Patton State Hospital: Advanced Clinical Post-doctoral Fellowship

    I provided individual treatment for patients at a maximum security forensic hospital with criminally committed, severely mentally ill, individuals. I worked from an analytic theory and frame with individuals and groups. I also provided psychological evaluations including personality, diagnostic, cognitive, and forensic assessments. Learn more about Patton State Hospital
  • St. John’s Child and Family Development Center, APA Accredited Internship

    I worked in the Child and Family Development Center providing dyadic treatment with children (ages 0-5) and their parents in an intensive day-treatment facility. Working on a multidisciplinary team to treat children in a milieu, in a dyad with their parents, and in individually with the child. I also provided individual outpatient therapy with children and adolescents (6-17yrs). Additionally, I evaluated children for developmental, cognitive, and diagnostic disorders. Learn more about St. John’s Child and Family Development Center
  • City of Hope National Hospital, Department of Neuropsychology

    I provided neuropsychological testing of children (8-17yrs) diagnosed with cancer, and child-cancer survivors (19-45yrs) who returned for cognitive assessment. Learn more about City of Hope
  • Casa Colina Center for Rehabilitation & The Transitional Living Center

    I provided individual treatment of patients with traumatic brain and/or spinal cord injuries, and co-facilitated group therapy, in order to treat depression and facilitate adjustment to life-changing conditions (i.e. paralysis, cognitive impairment, etc.). Learn more about Casa Colina
  • Exceptional Children’s Foundation

    I provided treatment to families with developmentally delayed children, dyadic treatment with parent and child, and individual treatment with the child, group therapy, and treatment of families as a whole, as a part of the Early Start Program. I also treated individuals who were intellectually disabled and diagnosed with severe mental illness. Learn more about Early Start program at the Exceptional Children's Foundation
  • Green House Therapy Center

    I provided treatment to children on the autistic spectrum and their parents from an in-home parent coaching model of Floor Time therapy. Learn more about the Floor Time Services at Greenhouse Therapy Center