Family Therapy Sessions

The family is its own eco-system. It is a unit that shares resources--not just financial, but emotional, mental, and physical. When one child is sick you as a parent are less physically available to play with the other. You're less emotionally available to hold the other when she skins her knee. You are less mentally available when he asks you for more TV time. The pool of these resources is drawn on in these circumstances, and eventually, it can feel like it has run dry.

Sometimes there is an issue in the family that has grown out of control, and it is taxing the entire family. Often this issue is attributed to one person in the family, but the issue has implications throughout the rest of the family system.  You may notice that the family fights a lot about a single member, maybe their behavior disrupts the rest of the family's activities, siblings have changed how they act because of how the "problem member" acts, etc. Often it feels like one person is upsetting everything. Perhaps you have tried addressing the behavior of this family member but to no avail. In these cases, you might need some outside perspective.

When appropriate, I see families as a whole. The whole family comes to each session, and we build relationships between all of the members. Through the lens of my training, I watch to see how you all interact and I help shift those interactions to be more productive. We see how each member's communication affects the other and develop a bond with each member to be able to bear the weight of future conflict in a healthy, relationship enriching way.

If you feel your family could use this inclusive approach, contact me.