Expectations for the First Session

  • Getting to Know You

    Therapy works through the relationship between the therapist and client. Because of this, you need to feel like you click with me, and I need to feel the same about you. This means that we both need to ask questions and feel each other out. If we do fit, we set a regular time to meet, and begin the journey!

    So that you know, we both have the right to decide after the first consultation that something just didn’t mesh. If that happens, there are no hard feelings, we simply do not continue with each other. Remember, even in those cases, your mental and emotional health are still important to me, and I am committed to using all of my resources to help you find a few options that may be a better fit.

  • Questions

    Our time will start with you sitting down and talking a little bit about what's going on. Then I’m going to ask you a few questions to get a finer understanding of what your concern and reason for coming into therapy is. This often requires giving a little history of the issue, your family, and your current situation, etc.

    Remember that the questions aren’t one-sided, so feel free come with a few questions of your own. These can be anything that might make you feel little more comfortable.

  • Pricing

    Many people want to know how much therapy is going to cost. My fee is $175 per 45-minute session for individual therapy and $230 for the initial 60-minute session. However, I do offer a sliding scale based on availability and for those in financial need. I also offer therapy groups, classes, workshops and seminars for a reduced rate. Contact me for more information about availability and pricing for any of these alternatives to individual therapy.

    I currently accept Aetna insurance. If this is not yours, however, many insurance plans reimburse for therapists who are "out of network." I can provide you with a diagnosis statement and invoice (superbill) to supply to your insurance provider in order to request a reimbursement. Feel free to discuss diagnosis statement with me, because there are options to consider. Before you attend the initial interview session, check with your insurance carrier to verify if and how they reimburse.