Parent Sessions

I help parents.  Being a parent myself, I know it is hard under ideal circumstances, and sometimes we feel over our heads and need extra help. If you need to check if your son's behavior is normal, or just need some help managing some over the top behavior that occurs now and then, I can provide you with a standalone parent coaching session. 

Other times, however, it can feel much worse. If you are noticing that you are not the kind of person you want to be around your kids --maybe you're constantly angry, shouting, hitting, or throwing things-- then it's worth it to work a little on yourself.

Managing some of our children's behaviors can work like a surgical knife, cutting right down to the worst parts of us at times. Who knew that a spill or a resounding "NO!" could make us so mad? Children expose some of our unaddressed roots of personal pain and even abuse. Often, the best way to help your child is by improving yourself. 

In these situations, there may be a need to bring in your child from time to time, but the focus will be on you as the parent and as a whole person. 

In addition to seeing parents individually and children, I provide parenting classes. If you are interesting in signing up please email me at

I also provide group therapy for moms.


Parenting Workshops

I often run workshops for parents each workshop is geared to a different age of children (2-7, 8-12, 13-18). These workshops cover calming your child down, and calming yourself down. You will learn about how your child's brain and body interact to create the perfect storm, and how to use her brain and body to quell it. We'll also cover how to empower your child with confidence, courage, and hope. Contact me if you have an interest in attending or want more details about when and where the next workshop is being held.