Why Therapy With Me

What do I bring to the process?

I'm a licensed clinical psychologist. Out of my extensive training, I am familiar with many approaches to address the issues that you are facing. I have over 10 years of experience in providing therapy.

I work with:

  • Parents adjusting to the challenges of their children's outrageous behavior or developmental shifts. 
  • Children grieving the loss of a parent, sibling or loved one.
  • Educators, students, and ministers facing burnout in excessively stressful roles.
  • Individuals who are learning to live with severe mental illness, or those who are related to them.
  • Adults and teens experiencing the burden of depression and anxiety.

Additionally, I've received significant training with individuals who had spinal cord and traumatic head injuries, people facing cancer, parents with children under 5-years old, and mentally-ill people with violent convictions or sexual offenses.

My expanse of experience is both unique and vital because I bring a theory of practice that encompasses both typical and abnormal development. I understand what the typical trajectory of development is and how I'm intimately familiar with how it can go awrey. I also know when to refer you to someone who would be better suited for your needs, and will not hesitate to do so.


Why do you need what I do?

My role, as a licensed clinical psychologist, is to cultivate a relationship with you that creates enough safety for you to confront the lingering fears, anger, sadness, anxiety, traumas, or whatever your internal turmoils may be.

It's human nature to push our negative thoughts, behaviors, and reactions out to the periphery of our minds. We do this because it is hard to face those issues. Facing your inner demons on your own can easily lead to feeling overwhelmed or beating yourself up. When attempts to improve end in depression or in worsening of problems, then you feel defeated, not revitalized.

One of the signs you might notice is your friends, partner, spouse, kids, or co-workers pointing out that you keep running into the same conflicts, and that they need to tip-toe around you. Another is that you don't like who you are around your loved ones. It’s distressing. You're unhappy with life and you want to change. That is where my services come in.


What do I do in your process?

I have found it is through the safety of relationship that you can truly engage with the issues you are trying to confront. Ever notice how it is the closest people to you that get the brunt of your worst habits? Often intimacy with these people allows you to let down the facade that you must maintain with bosses and customers. Part of what I do is create the safety and intimacy you need to be reflective and honest about your struggles.

Our time together takes place in a setting removed from the rest of your life, a refuge. It is a place for self-examination with non-judgmental support and ideas to make the connections between who you are to others and who you want to be.

Together we work to examine the internal and external entanglements that make you feel obligated to act the way you do. Then we look for a way to untangle them. My training makes me uniquely able to identify subtle and intangible pressures that apply stress on you, create distress in you, and warp you away from the person you want to be.


How can you make therapy the most productive?

To make therapy productive you need to be motivated to work on yourself. When you meet with a therapist, the therapist’s role is to be a catalyst and companion on the path to wellness. Your role is to be open to considering new frames of thinking, trying out experiments of behaviors and perspectives, and implementing the work done at my office in your life. You are the one that makes change in your life--that cannot be accomplished by anyone else. Your focus and determination will be the difference between plodding along in treatment or making significant change. This might sound scary. However, we are in this together. If you have the will for change, you can lean on me for the hope and the help. 


The First Step

Contact me by email at dr.dlinscott@gmail.com or call (626) 765-7647. We can set up a time to sit down and talk. For more information about what that first meeting will look like, Click Here.